Photographers use their creative and technical capabilities to capture photos of people, places, and things. They usually have in-depth knowledge of lighting and photo editing software, which may be used to enhance images. Photographers may specialize in different areas, including: commercial photography, editorial photography, news photography, fashion photography, special event photography, fine art photography, and more . Depending on their area of expertise, they will then tailor their marketing in the right direction for their business.

Source: PayScale Canada

Average Median Salary:


Photographers Work On:

• Take pictures either in studio or on location
• Work with clients or workplace teams to create photographic images
• Review sets of photographs to select the best work
Operate various types of photographic and computer equipment

Past winners of the Applied Arts Awards

  • 2019 Student Awards Seo Hyun Lee
    Student Awards

    Seo Hyun Lee
  • 2020 Photo/Illustration Awards Rita Tu (Rita Tu)
    Photo/Illustration Awards

    Rita Tu (Rita Tu)
  • 2020 Advertising Awards lg2
    Advertising Awards

  • 2019 Advertising Awards Cossette
    Advertising Awards