Is a Creative Career Right for Me?

“You don’t want to be a starving artist.”

How many times have you heard this when you’ve told someone you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the arts?

We’re going to guess a lot. In fact, the most often-asked question at the Creative Futures Expo, an annual event Applied Arts hosts to educate students on creative careers, is: my parents don’t think I’ll make enough money in the arts. Can it really be done?

The answer, of course, is YES! There are countless jobs in the creative industry where you can provide a service to businesses willing to pay for quality craft.

This site offers a wealth of information on those careers—and the schools that give you the education you need to get those jobs.

But if you’ve got someone who still needs convincing on how lucrative this sector can be, read on below for links to statistics, white papers and educational resources.