Lessons on Breaking Into Advertising In a Big Way: From Cadavers to Cannes with Patrick Godin & Michael Romaniuk


Speakers: PATRICK GODIN - Copywriter & MICHAEL ROMANIUK - Art Director, Zulu Alpha Kilo

Michael Romaniuk & Patrick Godin turned a bold stunt into an impressive job hire.“The mailer got my attention. These guys had done their homework on us. When they showed up in FedUp uniforms to the interview, I hired them on the spot," said Zak Mroueh, Chief Creative Officer & founder, Zulu Alpha Kilo. For two men who had never worked in advertising before fall 2017, their list of international awards, projects-worked-on and lessons learned is as unique as they are. In one short year, they’ve learned a whole hell of a lot on what it takes to succeed in advertising and they’re willing to share.