Tears to Fear: McMillan Agency Sends Bottled Tears to Prospective Interns

March 20, 2019

Tears to Fear: McMillan Agency Sends Bottled Tears to Prospective Interns

Say “Millennials” in conversation and you’re likely to be met with rolling eyes. But like them or not, Millennials are here to stay, and they currently make up the majority of our industry’s juniors, interns and new hires.

Determined to combat this negative stereotype, Ottawa-based agency McMillan’s new intern-recruitment campaign aims to shine a light on the positive aspects of the younger generation and what they have to offer.



The project entitled “Intern Tears” tackles the main challenge facing millennials: landing a good internship (and in turn a career). By sending out “tears” of past McMillan interns with warnings of tough work ahead to post-secondary classrooms in Canada and the US – McMillan hopes to show students that they recognize their ambition and drive, despite what the rest of the world thinks.

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The bottles’ off-kilter message of “Need an internship? Don’t come to us” carries a solid underlying message: students can look to McMillan for the kind of real agency experience they’re hungry for – one that they just aren’t guaranteed after school.?   The best part?  The campaign was designed and conceptualized by some of McMillan’s former interns – now employed full-time. The campaign has already received positive feedback from both students and educators.

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“We’ve had a lot of success with interns at McMillan. They’re always really motivated and eager to do their best work. It’s always a wonder that this age cohort gets such a bad rap,”
says Rob Hyams, CCO of McMillan.

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