Fast Animals Fast (and Slow Ones Do Too)

30 Days of Ramadan project features bold illustrations exploring fasting in the animal kingdom

April 28, 2021


Since 2016, Vancouver-based art director, graphic designer, visual artist, and 2013-14 Student Awards winner Mustaali Raj has undertaken 30 Days of Ramadan project: a daily creative exploration of personal reflections and insights during the spiritual month.

This year, the alumni of Capilano University IDEA School of Design chose to highlight the fasting that goes on in the animal kingdom. Fasting is an integral part of Ramadan, and many human cultural activities, but animals also practice fasting for a variety of reasons from reproduction to hibernation. Raj’s series draws on the Square Kufic calligraphy traditionally found in Islamic regions most notably in architecture. The blocky creatures combined with their bright colours recall childhood building blocks and spur a desire for learning and a deeper commune with nature.

Check out the ongoing series, and more of Raj’s wonderful work, on his Instagram here!