Design the Evolution

The Vancouver Film School Presents the Second Annual 2021 Digital Design Conference | EVOLVE

September 7, 2021

Design the Evolution

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Vancouver Film School’s (VFS) second annual Digital Design Conference (DDC) is set to bring together the design, creative technology and visual communication communities. Over the course of two days, Wednesday, September 8 – Thursday, September 9 from 4-7PM PST, the conference will take place online (via Hopin), and is free to attend.

Gathering a wide range of creative designers to share ideas and explore new initiatives and breakthroughs in interactive design, motion graphics, branding, visual effects, UX/UI design, emerging technologies, and more, the DDC is perfect for professionals and aficionados alike.

This year’s conference is centered on the idea of how designers and artists EVOLVE in an ever-changing landscape. The world of design isn’t static, and neither are the creatives that make it up. DDC will give attendees an opportunity to explore how the digital design landscape has changed over the past year, as well as the promising future that lies ahead.

VFS’s Digital Design Senior Instructor, Nida Fatima, will lead the conference, delivering opening and closing remarks, and this year’s panels include:

  • An Interactive Design talk with Farai Madizima (UX Lead at Shopify Canada) on “Co-Creating Inclusive Teams.”
  • A Motion Design talk with Freelance Illustrator & Motion Designer Ben Weeks on his evolution from illustrator to motion designer, and landing high-profile clients.
  • A Motion Design panel on “The Today & Tomorrow of Winning a Client” featuring Freelance Designers Bee Grandinetti, Sander Van Dijk, Robert Hranitzky, and Cabeza Patata Co-Directors Katie Menzies & Abel Reverter.
  • A Communication & Branding talk with Justin Cone (Director of Communications Strategy at BUCK) on “Rethinking Your Online Presence for Maximum Success.”

Those interested in attending, and who wouldn’t be, can register for free here!