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Area of Study

  • Web Design and new media

Lighthouse Labs is an 8 week intensive coding bootcamp that can take you from zero experience to professional software developer. With over 95% employment rate for job-seeking graduates, their Web and iOS Development Bootcamps have launched new careers for over 500 graduates. Their immersive programs consist of upwards of 12 hours a day in the classroom with hands on keyboard, building software, completing assignments & projects, with endless one
to one support. In addition to their Bootcamps, Lighthouse Labs offers part-time evening courses that introduce the fundamentals of programming and provide valuable technical literacy.

The education experience is unique, and the opportunities?for developers are endless. Coding can be a standalone career, a creative outlet or the perfect compliment to many roles. Developers have access to massively diverse employment opportunities with companies of all sizes and industries, from startups to freelance work, or building your own ideas from scratch. Learning to code?is no longer a niche field, and has become a necessarily skill set for anyone pursuing a career in tech.

Upon graduation, Lighthouse Labs alumni are supported by the Career Services team to connect them with employers. They’ll line up interviews, assist with resume workshops and provide ample networking opportunities. Graduates always have access to the amazing Lighthouse community of over 500 developers, and are encouraged to stay connected as they grow in their careers.

Applying is easy, but admissions standards are high. Lighthouse Labs only accepts those equipped to handle the intense pace of the program, and you’ll be invited for a one on one interview with their Admissions Manager to ensure Bootcamp is the right fit for your objectives. Rigorous admissions standards mean small class sizes filled with engaged, passionate people who are ready to persevere through Bootcamp together.

Program Length



Prep course - 4 weeks, part-time, remote work.
The first step to becoming a developer is laying your foundation with our Prep Course. The 40-60 hours you’ll spend on completing prep will introduce the basic technologies you’ll use throughout bootcamp, including: HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, and git. You are required to complete the Prep Course remotely before your first day on campus.


Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Victoria, London, Halifax

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