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  • Design and Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Web Design and new media


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The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology comprises five schools and programs at the intersection of media, art, culture and technology. Nurturing the curiosity and creativity of our students, we are proud to be educating the next generation of thinkers, makers, and doers through interdisciplinary and experiential teaching.


School for the Contemporary Arts
Situated in downtown Vancouver, the School for the Contemporary Arts offers a unique interdisciplinary curriculum in which studio classes in film, dance, music/sound, visual arts, theatre performance, and theatre production and design are integrated with the theoretical, historical, and political study of the arts. The meeting of creative practice with academic inquiry is core to the SCA, which works to foster artists and scholars who are equipped to engage with and contribute to important contemporary dialogues, issues, and challenges. The SCA aims to provide students with the necessary skills to excel as artists in this rapidly changing landscape and to encourage them to see art as a powerful instrument for critical expression and advocacy.


School of Interactive Arts & Technology
The School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) is at Simon Fraser University's Surrey campus. The undergraduate program — either a Bachelor of Arts or Science — teaches the development, creation, and use of digital technologies in programming, arts, and design. SIAT's graduate program — Master of Arts, Master of Science, or PhD — educates researchers in the development, creation, and use of technology across a wide variety of disciplines.


School of Communication
Students in the School of Communication study media and technology from a critical perspective, focusing on big data and technology studies, media and culture, political economy, and communication policy. Learning through direct engagement and taking on an interdisciplinary approach, graduates go on to successfully pursue careers in academics, government, NGOs, cultural institutions, communication industries, and the media.


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