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Visual Communications

Area of Study

  • Design and Visual Arts


Visual Communications at Medicine Hat College helps prepare you to enter a dynamic and ever-changing career eld. Today’s visual communications professionals are often required to be involved in the entire creative and technical process, from concept through production. Today’s media and art forms are no longer just two-dimensional, static, and print-based, but now include virtual space, digital media, and interactivity.

Perhaps the most unique element of this program is a careful blending of fine art and design. Both aspects are viewed as integral parts of the total visual communications eld, and our Visual Communications program strives to integrate and interrelate the ne arts with design.

The program also integrates the most recent advances in digital technology in a newly revamped world-class facility. This combination of FIne art, design and technology will help prepare graduates for the contemporary visual communications workplace.

Credentials offered: The core Visual Communications program is the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Communications) degree. In addition, Medicine Hat College offers 2 one-year certificates: the Post-Degree Visual Communications Certificate, available if you have already completed an art, design, or related degree; and the Post-Diploma Visual Communications Certicate, if you have already completed a two-year diploma in art, design, or a related field.

At the core of our applied degree is the work term component, which consists of two three-month paid work placements. These placements help you hone the skills you develop in college and build a resume that will be attractive to potential employers upon graduation.

Our graduates have launched successful careers in a diverse range of visual communications fields. The skills and knowledge you develop may be applied in just about every industry or geographic location. Alternatively, many graduates choose to refine their entrepreneurial skills and develop their own businesses.

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Program Length

1 - 2 years



299 College Drive, SE, Medicine Hat

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