Cambrian College

School of Creative Arts Design and Music

Area of Study

  • Animation
  • Art & Design Fundamentals
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Design and Visual Arts
  • Graphic Design

Our program is delivered in partnership with Sheridan College. You’ll develop a portfolio of 2D and 3D work, including a short film, that will be shared with industry representatives in Toronto and the local arts community at a graduate exhibition.

Art and Design Fundamentals
Experiment with various style and media to create a dynamic portfolio, and be part of community art installations and exhibitions at Cambrian’s Open Studio in downtown Sudbury.

Design and Visual Arts
After experimenting with various style and media in first year, you’ll work with a mentor in second year to further develop your expertise in a particular medium.

Graphic Design
Award-winning faculty will help you develop a full suite of design skills, including website design. You’ll attend the DesignThinkers Conference in Toronto and showcase your work at the College’s Open Studio.

Independent Music Production
Gain a foundation in music recording, editing, and performance as well as business skills to be successful in the competitive music industry.

Music – Performance
Choose from seven instruments for your major and minor in Ontario’s only classical music college program that includes one-on-one training, ensemble experiences, and frequent performance opportunities.

Theatre Arts – Technical Production
Get hands-on experience creating and managing all of the behind- the scenes aspects of live entertainment, including the production of four full-length theatre productions. Graduates can complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Production or Theatre Performance at Thorneloe University in as little as two years.

Program Length

1-3 years




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